Why join Mordhau Academy?

Skilled Trainers

We have some of the best players in the game as part of our community. If there is anywhere to learn more about the game its from the professionals.

Non-Toxic Community

We are a community where people can come and play without experiencing the toxicity that plagues most of the Mordhau community.

Servers Around the Globe

We now have servers in almost every region for players. The current list includes dedicated servers in North America and Europe.

Custom Community Content

We have servers with community made content, along with custom maps of our own designed by people in our staff. Here is just a few examples of content we have.
Horde Melee Only

Horde Melee Only

Horde mode with all projectiles removed so players must use skill to keep themselves alive against the oncoming enemy. We host custom community Horde maps.

Academy Tournament Map

Academy Tournament Map

A map designed specially for Mordhau Academy and the duel tournaments we will be hosting. Has Duel circles, an archery range, and horse jousting areas to practice/compete in all sorts of events.

Dolls FFA Map

Dolls FFA Map

Another map built by our Squackety in MA. This is a complete remake of the gmod map de_dolls for any of you gmod fans from the past. He has done a perfect job of remaking it. We host this on our FFA 2x Damage Public Servers.

We are affiliated with a few other communities from Mordhau. The following communities we support:
Mordhau Official https://discord.gg/gu47jVr
Mordhau Mapping & Modding https://discord.gg/huwagQQ
Mordhau Competitive OCE  https://discord.gg/gsreX29
Mordhau Foppish Gaming https://discord.gg/cFrUYq4
Ruby’s Mordhau Community https://discord.gg/QZSZgph

Get $50 credit for your own VPS server from Vultr. Great pings, multiple locations to pick from and overall great support.

For a limited time you can get $100 of credit for Vultr but it must either be used in 30 days or it will expire. Use this link: https://www.vultr.com/?ref=8441477-6G

Help support us by trying a new browser!

Brave is a new privacy and security based browser that is built on Chromium. It requires no account or login and has some of the best features from chrome while keeping your information private. You can also earn a cryptocurrency called Basic Attention Token while using the browser.
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Event and Tournament Information

Upcoming Tournament NA

Hello! We will be hosting a Single Elimination Duel Tournament for NA. (EU Tourney will be coming next!) This is our first Free to Play Tournament, and if it goes well, we'll look at hosting Read more…