Premium Servers


We focus on making sure that our servers are hosted from the best locations and have the best hardware. North America and Europe are dedicated servers running an i9 9900K processor. All of our servers are ran at 120tick and have very low latency. We are looking to expand further with more dedicated servers and more locations in the near future.
If you are a clan or community and are in need of a server for events and matches either temporary or a more permanent solution you can contact one of our staff and we are happy to help out others in the Mordhau community.

Europe Servers

North America Servers

Donator and Affiliate Servers

Mordhau Academy's affiliate servers will be listed here. We enjoy bringing the community together to create new content and maps for people to play.

We offer a free donator server to anyone that donates for the Tier 5 rank for our community. Hosting can be expensive so we try to cover some of the cost by allowing donators to have their own 24 slot servers set up and managed by us. All donator servers will be listed here shortly after being set up.


NA Donator Servers

NA Affiliate Servers

EU Donator Servers

7 Donator Server Slots still available.

OCE Affiliate Servers