NA Single Elimination Duel Tournament


We will be hosting a Single Elimination Duel Tournament for NA. (EU Tourney will be coming next!)

This is our first Free to Play Tournament, and if it goes well, we'll look at hosting more of these as well as buy in Tournaments in the future. It goes without saying that general rules apply, no cheating, exploiting, etc. Everyone is expected to conduct themselves maturely, and follow the code of conduct in MA.

We will be updating our list of weapon restrictions during the next few days.

We will be posting the list for Refs, Casters, and Coordinators here shortly as well. If anyone else is interested in helping out, please shoot me a DM and we'll get it sorted.

Thanks to @『Vʟ』Peasant for putting up the Prize Support for this Tourney!

Everyone Must Sign Up Via The Link Below

Sign Up:

Date: Nov 16th (We can change the date if more people can't make it)

Time: 1pm PST

Format: Single Elimination First to 5, Semi Finals First to 7, Finals First to 10

Location: Central US

Map: Mordhau Academy Map

Players: 64 player cap

Prize Support For 1st, 2nd, and 3rd: Game Keys. Winner chooses first, etc. Will post an extensive list soon. 1st place will receiver a Champion Role in MA discord, and be entered into a Champions Tournament with future Champions, with $$ Prize Support.

Medic Bags, Bandages

Pavise Shield, Heater Shield, Kite Shield

Crossbow, Longbow, Recurve bow, Throwing Knife, Throwing axe, Javelin

Flesh Wound, Peasant

Smoke Bomb, Fire Bomb, Rock, Beartrap, Toolbox

Meme Loadouts

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